Sunday, 20 June 2010

Magic light

It is so great to be back here enjoying the wonderful Mediterranean climate. Even on a dull day the sun manages to shine through. Although the sky is brilliant blue if seems like yellow to me.
I have been busy working on some new paintings, and finishing up some existing ones; altogether very productive and satisfying. With each new work I think less and feel more. The colours just seem to evolve in an organic sort of way. Painting in an Abstract style seems to suit me sometimes my thoughts are not readily apparent when you look at the finished work, sometimes resemblances to reality appear without a conscious effort on my part.
I am so in love with oil paints at the moment that the acrylics have been put away. I am still always an easel short of a studio as the work in progress pile seems to be getting larger all the time.
I have just launched my new website which is complete except for the French translation which will follow soon.


  1. Ho Angela it all looks AMAZING well done - loving all the work I can see in the picture - so interesting to see what your up too - can't wait for you to get back and share all your skills -I'm enjoying my Summer of PRINTING too - learning lots of interesting tips and techniques -

  2. I wish I could have joined you on the printing course. It sounds great. I am floundering around at the moment, can't seem to finish anything as it all gets stuck.

  3. I will look forward to seeing the website. Glad to be back reading your blogs again and being enthused by you.

  4. Not heard from you in ages I hope all is well.