Monday, 8 March 2010

inspirational friends.

What a wonderful week i have had. My good friend Ros managed to get away from her amazing guest house in Broseley and come to stay with me. She is so full of creative ideas which she channels into the guest house. We had lots of chats about colours and the affect that they have on mood. I can hardly wait to go to Broseley house to see the results.
My next inspiration came from our visit to Jonathan's son and daughter in law. They are nesting at the moment and creating a really interesting home. Barnaby has a great eye for shape and form, Anna has a wonderful free way with colour. The result is amazing. Black, pale grey and white furniture. Lilapaws pink,withsmall amounts green, blue, yellow. Wow! The funny thing is there is so much to look at that it takes you a while to take it all in and as a result the room seems much bigger that it is.

Finally we spent the weekend with the grandchildren. Their imagination knows no boundaries.
I can't wait to get all of my ideas onto canvas.
Down to earth with a bump today as I need to work on my Art Course. Two dimenisional perspective, lots of pen and ink drawing, sketching still life. I know this will improve my work in the long term but it feels a bit tedious at the moment.

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