Wednesday, 14 April 2010

a perfect day

Difused sunlight through the skylight. Jonathan developing in his dark room to the sound of english songs playing on french radio. I am thinking of all the knowledge that Gary shared with me during my painting lessons. We went to Bezier and bought a tube of his secret colour which I am putting to good use as I push and pull the paint around the canvas, large paint brush in one hand, turpsy cloth in the other.
Found the time to get my paperwork together and have applied for the christmas exhibition.


  1. wow !!! what an amazing painting Angela - looking forward to picking up tips from Gary on your return - great you've applied for the xmas exhibition

  2. Thank you.
    It was an idea I had last year when we were driving through the Corbiere area. there wre these amazing field of sunflowers and there always seemed to be one which wanted to poke it head through the car window.

  3. Sunflowers h sunflowers they make me smile everytime I see one I love your painting of them it makes me smile also. Nice little blog thank you.