Monday, 12 April 2010

Tending my picture garden

Each morning I go down to the studio to work on my paintings. Some need a little bit more light, some a bit more shade. The placement of colour within the frame needs to be considered with care. Balance and form must be continually reviewed. Sometimes I find a really delightful patch when viewed in isolation but it is growing in completely the wrong place and needs to be ruthlessly removed. Time and patience are sometimes all that is needed. Sometimes is all seems a bit disjointed and I wonder if all is lost. They suddenly that ilusive moment arrives when it turns from a project into a work of art. Nothing left to do but sign it, sit back and enjoy.


  1. Well what can I say - studio looks amazingly spacious and organised - noticed you have found Ralph too ! - love the painting on the left - all that technical blurb too thank you

  2. Sit back and enjoy and then the boring bit the selling. I can only get a glimpse of the art but from waht I can see it looks bright and alive indeed. I am laughing that Cherry Ann thinks finding me a good thing.